Since 1960,
two generations.

A work routed in history

Founded in 1960 in Premana, a small mountain village located in Lombardy near Como’s lake, Artelegno is deeply rooted in the working culture that characterizes this village since the ancient roman times when the mining of iron ore from the mountains surronding the area started. In 2004 Artelegno moves to new production facilities in Taceno.

A unique place that inspires good taste

Artelegno is immersed in nature in a unique environment of great beauty, appreciated all over the world, that instilled in the DNA of Fazzini’s family and its staff, the taste for beautiful things, the respect for traditions and the drive for the protection of the environment; values to be transferred daily in its own working activity and in its products as expression of its working culture.
Since 1960, two generations
The craftsman' s passion for its work

Culture as a pillar of craftsmanship

For Artelegno craftsmanship means personal expression of the aptitude to quality in order to transfer in each product characteristics that make it unique and to bring forward a vison of the working activity not as a mere job but as the fascinating process of creation of a beautiful object.
Craftsmanship implies careful selection of the materials and their transformation in useful and nice things, performing many hand made operations in the production process and strict quality checks in order to ensure that every single object expresses a synthesis of excellence and quality that only the care and the working culture behind a craftsman’s job can guarantee.

Experience and expertise at the service of quality

Building on the skills and experience of 2 generations of carpenters Artelegno founds its new activity to develop and manufacture housewares items in solid wood such as knife blocks and cutting boards always setting new goals to reach through innovations in term of designs and working cycles in order to attain the excellence of the Made in Italy product that is exported all over the world.

Made in Italy: hallmark of creativity and guarantee of satisfaction

In order to successfully attain its quality goals, typically required of a product Made in Italy on the international markets, Artelegno’s focus is targeted on the design phase where all effort are focused in the transformation of the ideas in aesthetically captivating objects, set in the path of the consolidated tradition of the italian style.
All the subsequent production processes ensure functionality of use and sensations of pleasure and comfort in the final consumer that can experience.

Ideas feed creativity and competitivity

For Artelegno ideas are daily bread to feed the market with exclusive products. Every member of the staff is encouraged to share the creative process of new products and suggestions on how to improve productivity, benefiting the competitivity. Every idea, filtered through the experience find its concrete development in the careful selection of the materials and in the respect of the production cycles that are purposefully oriented toward social goals such as the high safety standards for the workers and the compatibility with a sound environmental policy.

The craftsman' s passion for its work
A work routed in history

A low energy impact production facility

In planning its investments Artelegno has never lost sight of its environmental goals that giuded the Fazzini’s family in all its business decisions, from the location of its production facilities, to their building with the use of insulating wall panels, and its investments on energetic efficiency with an underfloor heating system divided in sections and powered by a biomass boiler where the production wastes (wood and sawdust) are transformed in thermal energy that fulfills the heating necessities of the premises, and provides for the needs of the varnishing plant and for the finished product’s drying room.

Working cycles and products environmentally friendly

Yes, that’s it, at Artelegno the working activity entails a pact of friendship with the environment. It starts with the selection of the wood that comes from forests where ecosustainability is controlled and guaranteed and continues with the efforts to minimize the emissions in the atmosphere of our production cycles. This is achieved thanks to the installation of the most technologically advanced sauction plant, varnishing plant, and drying room plant, all equipped with high perfomrance filtration systems that allow the minimisation of our emissions well below the limits imposed by the enviromnental laws. Last but not least, our environmental policy reaches its completion with the reemployment of the wastes of the production cycles for a total recycling.

Wood’s craftsmen by vocation

The constant drive in improving the quality standards and the efficiency of the production cycles, the development of products with an optimal price quality ratio, coupled with fexibility and reliability in deliveries have allowed Artelegno to earn a high reputation as a trusted supplier on the international market where more than 90% of the turnover is exported.

A work routed in history
A work routed in history

Exclusively designed, durable and food safe products

The continuos stimulus, powered by the demand of Made in Italy products, has motivated Artelegno to focus its investments in the creation of a range of products characterized by an innovative and exclusive design in the path of the italian tradition, always striving to blend beauty, functionality and durability. For this reason, all products are treated in order to be durable and preserve the unique features of the wood; food safe water based varnishes for our knife blocks, careful fine sanding and finishing with a special food safe oil that guarantees high performances in terms of water-repellence and resistance to stains and gives sensations of smoothness and softness to the touch for our cutting boards.

Tailored products for every customer’s needs

Artelegno is an extremely flexible structure that can become each customer’s factory to develop “tailored” items in order to satisfy their needs in terms of price and design. Artelegno, quality in solid wood.
A work routed in history