The quality of solid wood takes new stunnig shapes in the new curved lines of trendy italian design

Artelegno in its strive to develope awesome innovative designs for its products has set a new  standard for knife blocks nade of solid wood.
The new Grand Prix Collection with its curved shapes integrates the beauty of the soft lines with the durability of the solid wood, shaped in an innovative way for the markets that require top levels of aestethic and quality.
The knife blocks are fitted with magnets to guarantee the highest versatility in the positioning of the knives, in order to ensure the highest comfort for the passionate home chefs and for the people that likes to surround themselves with objects that are not only functional  but that make a statement about their design oriented personality.
The Grand Prix Collection is another leap forward that sets Artelegno as a design and manufacturing leader in the production of wooden knife block for all the markets that appreciate the quality made in Italy.

What matters is the essence

The essence of the “Made in Italy” that Artelegno instills in every product, shows the character of the philosophy of this company that confirms its drive to a product quality appreciated worldwide.
Artelegno, always active in the innovation of its product range, has created a series of products made in walnut in order to enhance, with a precious wood, the beauty of its lines, giving them an even more exclusive look, for all the customers that look for high levels of quality in the materials, aestethics and craftsmanship.
The magnetic knife blocks from the “Grand Prix” collection and the knife blocks 07 and 79 from the “Venezia” collection are now available in the exclusive walnut version.
This represent the latest show of the dynamism of Artelegno, international leader in the design and production of solid wood knife blocks Made in Italy.

The magnetic bar gets longer

In its drive to meet the market needs, Artelegno has devised a longer magnetic bar 50 cm long (19,68”) in order to accomodate more knives for a better functionality of the kitchen.
It is available in natural beech wood natural lacquered and allows the user to efficiently gather and have a handy acces to knives and other kitchen tools leaving more space on the countertop.
A simple and yet very useful add-on to Artelegno's range of knife storage products Made in Italy.